Etsy Shop Spotlight: Nakkashe


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There is one thing that I firmly believe in and that is helping promote other people.  Not just for promotion but for the good of what they are offering.  I have always supported others in their endeavours and of course you know you can not live a more beautiful life without helping others.  So here, without further ado…..Nakkashe!

Nakkashe is an Etsy shop located in Turkey.  Anakiz and Zeynep started their shop on February 26 2012.  Offering a comprehensive collection of crocheted goods ranging from Earring to unique floral scarves.  From childhood they learned the pleasure of crochet, something I remember my mom doing while I was growing up.  They have a wide array of products and I invite you to their shop.  Enjoy:)nakkashe1 Nakkashe

This is a cute piece just in time for summer.


Mothers Day Sale Ombre yellow and brown Crochet Frilly necklace, Thread crochet bib necklace Turkish Jewelry

Ombre Crochet necklace

Want a classy unique look for the beach or planning a romantic beach wedding, you need these in your life.


Another unique item offered at Nakkashe is the collection of crocheted earrings.


If you have a minute please take some time to visit Nakkashe, their shop is full of some creative gifts ready to give for up coming Mother’s day! Don’t forget:)

Let me know what you think and what your favorites are!



A New Review: Caress New Body Wash


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One thing that I can honestly say that I love is a good honest review.  Knowing what someone feels about a product, gives me a sense of security.  I know that someone has tried this “thing” and tells me about how they feel.  Trying new things is also something I love.  I LOVE new products.  So when a new product enters the marketplace I usually jump on it.  Going to Amazon used to be my go to place for good reviews, but now they seem to be flooded with some purchased reviews.

Fast forward to today.  I had to try the New Caress Fine Fragrance Body wash.  The new body wash features a fragrance technology that by touch releases fragrance up to 12 hours.  Being the perfume junkie that I am, I had to try.  They come in two fragrances:Love forever and Adore forever.


Caress Body Wash

I used both of them WITHOUT using any other products, so I could see if the claims were true.  I even went without wearing perfume or lotion.

I am truly disappointed.

Not only did it not leave me with a touchable release of fragrance I didn’t even smell it once I left the shower.  My skin was soft but not for long.  Then and oh boy it is a then, I notice an itchy spot on my right forearm.  Even after I discontinued the product I noticed the spot was red, bumpy and itchy, even days after use.


Why do I buy into these claims?  We all do at some point, I just happen to love bath and body and hair products.  Will I purchase again? Nope!  To be fair, I have used other Caress products in the past with no problems, so it must be with the new “technology”.

I have also noticed that they are VERY pigmented, and have taken pictures to compare:


I read on the Caress Facebook page that some people complained about staining.

I hope my review has been helpful.  Let me know of a product you would like to see reviewed.

Thanks for stopping by;)



Where have all the children gone?


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How do we go from this:four little girls

Four little girls, killed as they attended Sunday school in 1963.  An ordinary day that changed so many lives.  Bombed by the KKK.  A hateful crime.

March 2015, 52 years later, seems so short, but a lifetime ago we now have this:


Photo by Tony Herbert

A melee amongst seemingly young ladies.  A fight watched by many and barely anyone took a step forward.  52 years a go this would have never have happened. What is happening?  Why is this behavior salacious?

This is not what Martin Luther King Jr marched for.  This is not what my ancestors picked cotton for.  This is not what our children of today should be living for.

Take a closer look at the picture above and you notice spectators of this debacle watching as if it were a welterweight prize fight.

The real question is would you have stepped in?  Reportedly eight to ten ready to fight teenage girls with nothing to lose coming at anyone who may have interrupted this, you may have second thoughts too.  But nothing in the world was stopping any of them to put down their phones to run and scream for help.

In the days of viral videos make you the cool kid, getting help is last on the list.

Thinking back 52 years, if we had cell phone video, would we commemorate 4 little girls or upload the remnants of the blast on YouTube?

Come on people, stop trying to be cool with your kids, because I don’t necessarily blame these kids for their actions, the parents have majority of the blame.  Why does the ring leader here have 9 prior arrests and she’s 17?  Stop with the mani pedis and get your kids some life skills.  52 years is all that is separating us from that poignant time to this embarrassing mark in history.

Do those four little girls that lost their lives a favor and teach them, reach them, hold them, guide them, be an example to them, don’t ever let them go….never let this be okay.


Photo courtesy of Tony Herbert





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I once read a quote that said something to the fact that ” life should imitate TV”.  It sunk in almost immediately.  With movies such as Fifty shades of Grey, TV shows like Being Mary Jane and Scandal, we as a society crave the “want”.  We want to be wanted by someone.

being mj

Dating sites are popping up faster than ever.  Lifestyles that used to be taboo, are now glamorized.  Scandal, messing around with the President,  Monica Lewinsky should be vindicated, but not so.

monica l I have watched the show, only once or twice, but I get the gist.  We now have sensationalized almost everything that was a huge no-no back in the day.

So what’s going on?  Why is there such a huge need for the “want”?  Have we lost the romance?  How do we get it back?  This can be tough one to answer because we don’t live in our parents time anymore.  My parents got married when they were 18. Almost and extinct age to get married nowadays. My dad was in the Air Force.  Not for long though.  However, they moved, traveled, raised 3 pretty good kids 🙂 and stay married until death did them part.  My dad passed away in 2007. Married almost 50 years.  FIFTY YEARS, not fifty shades of tying someone up, but fifty quality years of love, fighting, making up, struggle, bills, mortgages, moving, kids, dogs, parties, friends, foes, anger, sadness, teenagers, college, college bills x’s 3,  retirement, loss, and so much more in between.

TV does not show you the real, it shows you the want.  Producers know that women love the sexiness of the men on these shows.  Women want to be pulled in by their man, taken to a place of nirvana.  Does this happen in real life?  Stop laughing!

Men know what women want they just are put up against an unexpected wall of trying to compete with these written scripts.  Do you really want your man to come home with flowers every night?  Give you a back message without being prodded?  Do you really think they only think of you all day?  Nope. So give him a break!

Life should imitate TV to a certain extent, however it should not be expected.  We are humans not scripted humans.  We don’t have a manual to tell us how to behave or act with one another .  We learn as we go and hope for the best.  Now I know this post seems geared toward the women, but the men have expectations of their partners as well.  Do you greet your man when he comes in the door?  Do you give him unexpected gifts throughout the year.  Regardless if you are single or in a relationship, do not carry the TV show of the moment in your back pocket and expect any of that from your mate.

However, you, yourself can take note of what it is you do like about these shows, what draws you in and try to implement some ideas in your life.  Take note of the surroundings.  You can redecorate your bedroom to look more romantic.  Dress a little more sexy  Sexy does not translate into trashy.  Maybe just a new top.  How can you change it up a bit.  One thing at a time. Take it slow and easy.  Life imitating TV can be an asset, use it to your advantage.  Just don’t expect your man to be the next Mr. Grey;)

fifty shades

Make it a great one!


A peek inside


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Today is a snow day here in New Jersey. Quite frankly I’m past a little bit tired of snow, but we have no control over the weather.  Here is how it looks outside as I write this postDSC_0246

I am going to give you a peek into my home and show how I simply transformed our dining room with the same furniture but adding some simple pieces here and there to add some style.

But first here is a picture of our dining room around Christmas time



The second picture is how we celebrate Christmas eve with Hot chocolate and snacks as a family.  It is a dark room, that does not get a whole lot of sunlight.

Recently we took those ugly floors up to expose the hardwood floors underneath.  The hardwood has some discoloration but in time we will get them re-finished and sealed.


Here, I took two leaves out from the original table that was purchased many years ago from Goodwill.  We had these leather chairs in the kitchen and although our cat likes to use some of them as a scratching post (ugh) they look better in here.  Our dining room is not large and we usually just use for special occasions so the seating is versatile.


Changing the linens gives it more of fresh spring feeling, no matter what it’s doing outside.  Using white dishes and serving pieces leaves room for accent colors.  Tea pot is from Ikea, Place mats, square plates, bunny salt and pepper shakers and square cake plate are all from TJ Maxx, and the cow creamer is from Wal Mart.  Other decor has been collected over the years and re-purposed.

DSC_0244 DSC_0245

Hope you are have a great day, snow day, or spring day, where ever you are hope it’s a good one!




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mayaAs I become older the word “friend” has taken on a whole new meaning.  There are some whom have held on to friends for years, and then there are those that can change friends like your sheets.  Hopefully, that’s weekly!  As a child, I had best friends, friends, acquaintances, those I said “hi” to and those I just didn’t know.  I had very few enemies, or maybe I did, and just didn’t take notice.  Going through so many life changes, college, marriage, kids, jobs, our friends, wants and needs tend to change.

Recently, I got into a tiff with a friend.  Not a full-out argument, but more of a quiet realization of our differences.  Once I heard Maya Angelou say “once someone shows you who they are, believe them”.  My goodness. After this disagreement, I realized how true this quote is and how everyone is in your life for a reason and a season.  They all can’t go with you!  maya2

With all the shameful bullying going on with the kids today with social media outlets making it all too easy.  I cannot and will not engage into an adult disagreement.  the high road is on my GPS and I’m moving on.  I still speak to this “friend” but in the back of my head I know I cannot share everything with everyone.  Firm believer here about privacy.

When you are friendly with adults, you must put your guard up because everyone is not on your team.  Be careful who you ask advice, to pray for you, or to be in your corner, because they may not have the same thoughts as you.  They may actually be praying for your downfall.  Not to be totally negative, but to live a beautiful life you absolutely must keep the negative Nancy’s at bay.  Weed them out and guard your life and privacy.

Stay positive my friends:)


Plan the life.


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That all sounds great but how do you plan the life you want to live?  Small steps, I guess.  I’m still learning.  Taking one thing and trying it out seems to be the way to go.  Everyone has that person in their lives at on time or another that they just secretly envy to no end.  How does she make it seem so easy?  He always has everything just right.  Why can’t we travel like “them”?  We make the same amount of money, don’t we?  Well, that almost seems like we are keeping up with the proverbial “Jones'”  or are we?  This is a tough one.  We want to live a great life but how do we do that without wanting what someone else has?  Okay, getting too deep here.


Just the facts, Ma’am!  Start by planning to do something out of your comfort zone.  We’ve talked about this here before.  But have you done it?  I have.  What did you do Goddiss?  Well, I finally took the leap and re-opened my Etsy shop.  It’s a small little place over there on the corner of Internet St.  but hey I ‘m in the pool with everyone else, going after what they want.

You must not let Mr.Fear and Mrs. Doubt run your life.

Just writing this post got me out of my comfort zone where I’m always thinking of great blog posts in my head but never just sit down and write.

I am a Pinterest junkie at times.  This morning as I scrolled through over 14 thousand of my pins, I noticed that I hardly ever DO any of them.  I have a board titled “By gosh I’ve done it“.  Dedicated to the pins I have actually finished.  There are 83 pins ( to date)  Eighty-three! out of 14,000 pins I have only done 83 of them.  So what is the whole point of “pinning” this stuff if it just lingers on the internet?  That’s up to you.

This all ties into planning.  If you have no idea where to start, start there.  Pinterest is full of living ideas, or better yet ideas on how to live.  Your life is a one time shot to get it right.  Do something.  I am also writing my first book, well it’s one of many in my head, but to finally get it out of my head and moving toward publishing it feels liberating.

I hope I inspire any of you reading this to plan for some spontaneity in life.  That rollercoaster of life can be daunting, but oh so much fun if you let it in.

my meme

Go blow some bubbles, open an Etsy shop, take an art class or dancing lessons.  Be the Jones!

LOL love that one…be the Jones!

Make it a good one friends;)


Tomorrow….Living the Dream


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keep-calm-and-keep-living-the-dreamYesterday was Dr. Martin Luther King Day. His actual birthday in January 15.  I have always reflected on this day, with all the songs, the shows on TV, and reading about and hearing about what life was like in his day.  Whew, it’s pretty powerful.  My parents and relatives, all from the south, would tell us what it was like to live in those times.  It just amazes me how humans can be so cruel.  But I digress, this post is about Tomorrow.

When I write, I listen to music.  It has always worked for me.  I am listening to Tomorrow by Tevin Campbell.  An oldie but goodie in my terms.  This song, written by Quincy Jones, the great!  The song is usually played for Dr. Martin Luther King’s Birthday and it is such a pretty song with a strong message.

Here is a taste of what’s being said here:

I hope tomorrow will bring better you, better me
I know that we’ll show this world we got more we could me
So you should never give up on your hopes and your dreams
You gotta get up, get out, get into it, get it on to be strong.
If you are not living your dreams then what are you doing with yourself?
This year has gotten off to a pretty rough start for me and my family, however I have secretly deemed this year my year of doing things different.  Anything I snubbed or would never do, I’m doing it.
I was writing in my journal and I wrote something that inspired this post.  Actual words from my journal:  “I cannot just write about the bad, we all go through it.  The key word is THROUGH.  We all get though some pretty tough times.”  No matter what you are going through, you will get out of it.  Funny, we never say we are going through some pretty good times, only bad.  Turn your thought patterns around.  For me I find some (and I mean some) bad times create some of the best memories we tend to laugh about later.
So, today, tomorrow you will get through and live your dream, never give up, get up, get out, get into it…Be strong!

Decluttering our lives


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This may extreme to some but not to all.  We cringe when we watch shows such as Hoarders because we can’t imagine that someone thinks this is okay.  Well, you are wrong.  They don’t think it’s okay, they just can’t seem to get out from under what’s plaguing them.  Ever go into a room or a drawer and it’s a mess?  Do you fix it or walk out or close it back?  More often than not you do the latter.  It’s easier to deal with something only when you have to.  I am not a hoarder by any means but I have my messy moments.  All of my closets do not look as if Martha dearest just left, nor does my kitchen cabinets look like they can be the feature story of Good housekeeping.  We are a clean family, just not OCD.  That term has taken on a scary meaning lately.  People who like things “just so” label themselves as being OCD.  Umm… this is a disorder not a cool term to go by because you like to clean your hands.  You are supposed to wash your hands, and not with hand sanitizer.

This post is to bring you to a place of peace and calm.  After the holidays is usually the best time to de-clutter ( the reason why stores sell more storage bins in January than any other month).  I tell my kids to clean their rooms, falls on deaf ears.  It’s as if I asked them to clean like never before, this is a first, NOT!   I get out my camera ( phone) and take a picture of their room.  You can see what others see in a picture better than through your own live eyes.  Just like when you look into the mirror and say “hey this looks really cute” then you take a picture and wonder who kidnapped you and replaced you with some blob!  Pictures don’t lie, you can see more than you want in most situations, you notice more.  Stop labeling yourself with combination letters ( unless you have been diagnosed by a professional) and get you camera.  Stop! First I want you to clean just like you always do. Any space you choose, start small or with one room.  Take a picture.  Look at the room in the picture, you will see things through the eyes of others that enter the space you enter on a daily basis and don’t pay too much mind to.  Such as the dust bunny under the couch or the pile of papers on the table you have been sorting.  When people enter your home they have no idea what you have been sorting nor do they care, they will always remember that pile of paper, even if it’s gone the next time they visit. They will say “hey where’s that huge (everything is always over exaggerated) pile of papers you had, what did you do stuff in one of your closets?”

I’m not a “neat freak”  but I strive to be organized and have my home in order.  meaning I must implement a rotating schedule to keep our home organized and clean.  In the 50’s is where you can find some spotless homes.  Women stayed home and kept house, but people didn’t own much.  They didn’t need all what we have today.


Discard 27 things a day!  Anything.  Can you do this for a month? Six months?  A year?  Let’s do it!   Get our lives on track, in order or your picture will be at the top of my next blog post;)


Just Smlie.


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With the news today you have to wonder why there is so much bad in the world.  Heck, there is bad everywhere you turn.  One thing I notice is when you smile people tend to warm up and let down their guard they are so used to having up all of the time.  A simple smile on your face can make someone’s day.  Literally.  I recall a story about a cashier.  This is my story.  I was in line, not having the best day.  Mean mugging. Just not in the mood.  Well, the cashier was up beat and cheerful, not what I was in the mood for at all!  She proceeded to bag my items by likeness, ie. frozen with frozen, can goods with can goods ( you get it).  My reasoning was  ( and still is) just put it in the bag so I can get out of this store.  I snapped.  I told her “would you please just bag my food so I can go”.  Oh so nasty.  She politely said oh I’m sorry, okay.  She began to bag my food as it came down the belt.  I stopped, closed my eyes, stopped her and said NO.  She said “oh no it’s okay”.  I said “no it’s not, it’s not okay, I am sorry”  I told her in her eyes.  I have no right to ruin someone’s day because mine wasn’t going right.  I had to stop that behavior right then and there.  She was still smiling and told me she appreciated that I said that.  Most people would have felt vindicated by releasing their stress on a total stranger.  This is the problem in the world today.  We see horrible, unthinkable stories in the news, all because someone wants to release their problems, their stress onto others instead of dealing with it head on.

I chose from that point on to not only smile, but to never forget that moment in time.  That moment where I could have damaged another human being from being nice to someone they didn’t even know.

When life gives you lemons, don’t give them to someone else, you make the lemonade and drink it with a smile;)


I had to chuckle a little at this;)